The sense of divine vision must be restored to man's daily work. - C.S. Lewis

Reflections On A Higher Call

Who is the Lord of Your Business?

Luke 5 details a fascinating account of Jesus as He was teaching, a large crowd of people who began to press in around Him. Jesus noticed some fishing boats docked on the shore where the fishermen were cleaning their nets. One of the boats belonged to a man named Simon, and Jesus asked him to put his boat out a little so He could have room for all of the eager listeners to hear his teaching. Simon (later called Peter) graciously accommodated Jesus? request.

Afterwards, Jesus asked Simon to put out into deeper water and let down his nets for a catch. Perhaps Jesus wanted to bless Simon?s fishing business for helping Him earlier?but one thing we do know is that Jesus wanted to teach Simon (and us) a valuable lesson about His matchless power?a lesson many of us have never learned or embraced.

Although Simon complied, I imagine he wondered to himself about Jesus’ savvy when it came to fishing. You see, this professional fisherman had already trawled these waters all night. I’m sure he had exhausted every technique, and was sure all the fish that were going to be caught for the day had been obtained. Undoubtedly, Simon was blown away by Jesus? spiritual wisdom and insight, and like so many others, he was captivated by the His powerful teaching. But this was fishing, Simon’s area of expertise! Surely a carpenter- teacher new nothing about that!

Obviously, Simon didn’t fully know who he was dealing with. As soon as he dropped the nets where Jesus told him to, Simon caught so many fish that his nets began to break?he had to signal his partners in a nearby boat to come and help! Luke 5:7 describes how the two vessels began to sink under the weight of all the fish they caught!! Many refer to this as a miracle?unexplainable in human terms?have you experienced miracles in your business? Peggy Noonan, an American journalist and political analyst wrote, ?I think miracles exist in part as gifts and in part as clues that there is something beyond the flat world we see.”?

The most significant aspect of this account is Simon’s response to this commercial windfall. He didn’t say, “Hey Jesus, this is great stuff, maybe I can bring you into our business as a limited partner.” He didn’t offer to set up a new franchise rollout to capitalize on his amazing success. Verse 8 says that he fell down and worshipped Jesus because he realized that He was Lord. Not just the master of his spiritual life, but the sustainer of his fishing business and entire life.

Here is the question both of us must tackle: Who is really the Lord of your business? If Jesus was Lord over Simon’s fishing business, then He is Lord over every industry and every business in our marketplace?from my retail real estate consulting trade, to your company. And that, my friends, has implications we would do well to pay attention to today!

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