The sense of divine vision must be restored to man's daily work. - C.S. Lewis

Reflections On A Higher Call

Timing is Everything

In business, the old phrase, “timing is everything” really fits.  We seek to build all sorts of economic models and sales forecasting tools in order to know the right time to sell the stock, option the property, raise the capital, cut the overhead, expand the chain or increase the staff.  During our current economic downturn, the need to evaluate the tools we use to help us time our decisions and actions has become even more critical. When it comes to God’s calling in our lives, timing is crucial as well. Acts 13:36 confirms this, “For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers . . .”

God is not random. He was very intentional when He placed David in his given generation and geographical location, including: 1) being born into the lineage of Christ, 2) demonstrating the heart of a champion even as a youth, 3) glorifying God through his courage in leading a nation with unabashed love and passion for God, and 4) serving as a living example of God’s amazing forgiveness for the worst possible sins!

God has us where we are for a purpose–and even when it doesn’t seem like it, He hasn’t miscalculated the schedule. We can trace His faithfulness throughout history–generation after generation. For instance, a young man named William Wilberforce was born in England during the latter part of the 18th century. It was no fluke that he (a follower of Christ) was given an incredible gift of eloquence which helped him earn a seat in the House of Commons at age twenty-one. And it was no coincidence that God used Wilberforce to champion the abolition of the African slave trade before America even considered it!

God is just as intentional today as He was in the past. Psalm 31:15 reminds us that, “My times are in Your hand . . .” This week, as you set your schedule, remember that God’s timing is perfect. You may not be asked to slay a literal giant or set the moral compass of an entire nation, but every day you are doing things that can have eternal impact: working with excellence, demonstrating undeserved compassion, confronting unethical situations with grace and conviction, and drawing on God’s energy reserves to serve your family. Let the record show that God has divinely assigned you to this specific generation! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make yourself available for His purposes right now.

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