Question: What Are You Doing

I imagine that many of you have heard about three bricklayers who were asked a simple but important question, “What are you doing?” The first bricklayer responded, “I’m setting a brick.” The second bricklayer answered, “I’m making a wall.” The third bricklayer looked up and exclaimed, “I’m building a cathedral!”

I find it fascinating that all three bricklayers were doing the same work– laying bricks. The first bricklayer was simply doing the next thing. Like him, a whole lot of our daily work boils down to doing the next task. Nothing wrong with that—doing the next thing is important!

The second bricklayer could step back a bit and see a bigger picture. He was not just setting a brick–he was building a wall. A good business leader understands the importance of recognizing the endgame and reminding themselves and their team what is at stake—and their opportunity to contribute to something greater.

But the third bricklayer, not only stepped back, but looked up and envisioned what could be. He embraced the ultimate purpose for his labors, and his sense of contributing to something magnificent. That powerful perspective can help get you out of bed in the morning and put a bounce in your step!

Sometimes the daily grind of your profession includes less than glamorous duties. Try not to look down on the faithful labor of tedious or mundane tasks. At the same time, I encourage you to take time to step back and look up and ask God to show you what He is up to in your business. Our Creator always has greater purposes than we “bricklayers” immediately recognize.

Consider the demanding Hospitality industry. A restaurant manager could view his primary role as leading the staff to prepare and serve food in a timely and efficient manner. Or he or she could step back and see an opportunity to create a special atmosphere where customers can share an enjoyable culinary and relational experience.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” The Greek word translated as WORKMANSHIP is the root for the English words POEM and POETRY. I love that image of being God’s work of art, enjoying the “good works” He has given us to take part in. Let that picture help you rethink your work today.

Serving Him with you in the marketplace,

David Atchison

Heavenly Father, before I even begin thinking through how I’ll tackle my “to list”, will You expand my vision so I can see Your greater purposes for today? I know Your ways are higher than mine and Your thoughts are higher than my reasoning, but I want to learn to look at my work through Your lens. Reorient my focus beyond my own agenda. Show me how You are at work in the business You have given me. Amen.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers