god’s creativity in your calling

god’s creativity in your calling

Have you considered God’s creativity in your calling? He is the master of the unique–and sometimes unexpected–as He charts the course of our lives. Whether or not we realize it, God is purposefully arranging our relationships and opportunities. He is actually engineering our circumstances and prospects. I encourage you to take a few moments to meditate on the amazing creativity of His work in your life.

Acts 18:1-3 describes how Paul arrived in Corinth after spending time in Athens. We think of Paul the apostle or Paul the missionary, traveling around establishing churches. But how did he do that in 52 BC, before electricity, cars, television or corporate jets? This is where God’s ingenuity comes into play. He took a man with a brilliant mind, changed by Christ’s redeeming love, and put him into a vital industry at the time . . . tent-making.

That line of work gave him the means to travel and develop a network of people in unfamiliar markets. We are told how he connected with Aquila and Priscilla, who were also in the same industry. As it turns out, Aquila and Priscilla hosted the Corinthian church in their own home. I feel confident that some of the very first converts in Corinth also came from the tent-making industry. What a way to spark the spread of the gospel message!

What about the way God took a farmer named Gideon and made him into a warrior and military strategist? Or Nehemiah, a trusted government official who used his general contracting acumen, leadership skills and network to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem? As you walk through the Old and New Testaments, the majority of the people described there–even heroes of the faith–were not “vocational ministers.” Instead, God imaginatively arranged their state of affairs to accomplish His good purposes in the world.

That reminds me of my late friend, Ron, who was an executive director of a large trade association. After experiencing a significant spiritual renewal, Ron thought about leaving his position to pursue vocational ministry–until God showed him that He had already strategically placed him in a position of influence among people most pastors and ministers would never gain a hearing with. With that revelation, Ron continued on his same career path with a whole new vision for leaving a legacy that continues today.

I wonder what God has planned for your time in the marketplace?

Serving Him with you,

David Atchison

Your Word tells me that all of my days have been numbered and ordered and even written down in your book of remembrance. What a thought! You have given great care and attention to the details of my life, my relationships and journey in business—more than I will ever grasp. I am so grateful for your vision and thoughtfulness. It gives me confidence about the future You have mapped out for me, even in the midst of the adversities I encounter. It also gives me great anticipation of the possibilities that lie ahead. Thank You, Lord, for Your patience and companionship in my life.

“God’s own creative activities did not stop at the beginning of the universe. God is constantly creating in us, through us, and with us, and to co-create with God is our human calling.” Madeleine L’Engle